Entering the Void: Last Chance to See Destroy the Picture

parker deren

Not attending former MOCA Chief Curator Paul Schimmel’s Destroy the Picture: Painting the Void, 1949-1962 equates transgression. It ends Monday, January 14th. While the title of the exhibit suggests an erudite realm, the show exceeds intellectual and political awareness.  Under Schimmel’s direction, the galleries form an intricate network that awakens the weary individual from quotidian slog. In this sense, Destroy the Picture performs as a meditative labyrinth that transcends the immediacy of violence, labels and circumstance. The works of twenty-six artists in the exhibit embody a global, cross-cultural postwar dialogue.  Each piece represents a type of autobiographical response that expresses the need to create dignified meaning from the unfathomable atrocities of World War II’s assault against humanity; reflecting a collective un/conscious desire to surpass survival.  Schimmel’s deliberate curation elicits the viewer’s contemplative space between visceral and intellectual experience; an introspective void that induces profound consideration. Destroy the Picture functions as the…

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